Shippensburg University Women's Center


COVID-19 Message:

The Women's Center recognizes that this is a difficult period and domestic violence is on the rise across the country.  If you or someone you know is experiencing an unsafe situation, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline by calling 1-800-799-7233 or texting LOVEIS to 22522.  We are also available for confidential counseling by emailing the Women's Center at  We are here for you!


Women's Center Mission Statement

Equality - Empowerment - Ending Violence

The Women's Center at Shippensburg University advances the equality and empowerment of all students, faculty and staff.  In line with the Shippensburg University Mission Statement, the Women's Center assists students in their personal, social and ethical development through educational programs, specialized resources, celebration of achievements by and for women, and the pursuit of social justice.

Using empowerment theory to guide our actions, the staff and volunteers of the Women's Center advocate for victims of sexual misconduct, intimate partner abuse, and other violent crimes.  We are dedicated to fostering a safe educational environment that is both respectful and inclusive to all members of our campus community.  All women and men are welcomed and encouraged to use the Women's Center services and resources.

Guided by empathy, integrity, open-mindedness and a strong commitment to collaboration, the Women's Center works towards equality, empowerment and ending violence for all members of the Shippensburg University community.

Location and Hours

The Women's Center is located on the first floor of Horton Hall. From the front entrance go straight through the lobby and all the way back to rooms 132 and 133.

The Women's Center Lounge

The lounge is currently only open for a lactation space.  Please feel free to use the lounge and refrigerator provided for a private and sanitary lactation space.


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    Women's Center Staff

    The Women's Center staff warmly welcomes you to come visit.  We are here to help advocate and educate for all. We are one of the four confidential resources on campus.

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    Women's Center Calendar

    The Women's Center will be hosting several educational and fun events this semester. Please look at our fall calendar of events and make a note on your calendar of the events you want to attend.

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    V-Day Program

    V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against all women and girls. Eve Ensler, the creator of V-Day, uses art for social change. She uses a compilation of plays, poetry, speak outs and more. Each year the Women's Center chooses one of her playwrights to perform. What will we do this school year? Check back and see!

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    Educational Workshops

    The Women’s Center provides engaging and educational workshops for residence hall floors, student organizations, classes, training and more. These workshops reflect our mission to advance equality and end sexual assault and intimate partner abuse on campus. Our workshops are interactive and discuss the resources available on and off campus.

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    2020年欧洲杯时间表 You will find resources on and off campus to help you with sexual assault, domestic violence and intimate partner abuse. The educational workshops also provide on and off campus resources.