Student Research at Shippensburg University

Students can and do make original contributions to the world's existing body of knowledge.

Shippensburg University encourages you to dig deep into a subject that interests you. Discover unknown phenomena, develop theories, reinterpret existing knowledge, apply established results to new situations, and construct original work that advances human understanding. Ultimately, you can play a part in deepening our comprehension of the world, the universe, and ourselves!

Undergraduate Research Grant Program

Undergraduate students are encouraged to submit applications for independent research to be conducted during the academic year and summer months. This University-wide program has supported laboratory research, field activities, art projects, written works, and computer applications, and is funded by the Shippensburg University Foundation. Click on the above link for more information on this rewarding program.

Graduate Research Grant Program

The Graduate Research Grant Program is designed to provide financial support to graduate students for research or scholarly activities related to their program of study to enable them to better understand the scientific process, experience discovery, develop their analytical and communication skills, and gain exposure to national ideas through the presentation of the results of their research at conferences.

Minds@Work: Celebrating Student Research, Scholarship, and Creativity

This student recognition conference traditionally takes place in the spring semester on Tuesday of the penultimate week of classes.  Minds@Work offers Ship students the chance to present their research, scholarly, and creative works to the campus community and general public.  The 2020 conference is scheduled for Tuesday, April 21 and will feature an assortment of poster presentations, oral paper presentations, musical performances, art displays, and departmentally organized sessions. This conference was formerly known as the Celebration of Student Research.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

The purpose of SURE is twofold: to nurture student researchers and to provide faculty members with paid student research assistants during the summer.

The program is open to all faculty members and to those undergraduate students not in their last semester. For more information, click here2020年欧洲杯时间表 or click the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience link in the menu to the left.